“Tenor David Guzman stood out in his one solo: his gorgeous singing and his acting (which managed to stop just shy of over-exaggeration) made ‘Olim laces colueram’ (‘Once I Lived on Lakes’) a memorable moment.”

“This year they brought in world-class tenors David Guzman…These guests are extraordinary singers. …Thus, the show’s cast is professional and of the highest quality.”

“He has a bright and powerful tenor that hits a bull’s-eye on distant targets….Guzman remains one to watch. It would not be at all surprising if he ascends to significant heights.” Tampa Bay Times

“Tenor David Guzman’s Edgardo exuded experience and confidence. It shows that he is a singer who has been around and he really brought a lot to the role. His sound is warm and his characterization was of the dutiful young man ready to serve with integrity and poetry the demands of love and war. So many of Edgardo’s arias are central to the thrust of the story that by the end he fully inhabits the emotional core of the opera right alongside Lucia. And Proske’s take really put him right there with her. His Tu che a Dio spiegasti l’ali was transcendent … He was tender but guttural and his big masculine voice soared like the wings he gives to Lucia’s soul with his song. It sent shivers through my whole body. As he slowly walked backwards off the stage singing the last few bars of his concluding aria and thus fading to black his presence in Lucia’s dream life, he left us alone with a nearly lifeless inpatient sprawled out on the side of her bed, I did not want the steady euphoria to end. Guzman is definitely a warm, swoon-inducing tenor. His is a full voice, manly, heart-wrenching, solid and secure. Both his Sulla tomba and Tu che a dio spiegasti l’ali were masterfully delivered, he did not flinch once, not even on the highest notes of the final aria, that he rode with superhuman control. This is a charismatic singer of that rare breed of earth-shaking irresistible and seductive tenors. To follow closely.” Allegri Con Fuocco

“Guzman’s rendering of the opera’s most famous piece, “La Donna e Mobile,” was simply beautiful and his duets with Coolen were highlights of the evening.” Buzz Worthy

“The duke is tenor David Guzman, who takes on the role with bravado and has a full and bright sound.” Tampa Bay Times

“Wow, can this cast sing, especially Guzman, who was simply out-of-this-world terrific. Throughout the night he showed off a powerfully beautiful voice filled with the kind of warmth and sincerity that sneaks into your subconscious and pops up hours later with such clarity that you relive it over and over.” Arizona Daily Star

“Colombian tenor David Guzman was the lone high male voice in this performance and his trumpet-like sound was a good fit with the Mariachi orchestra and the lower voices of much of the cast.”  Opera Today

“…Colombian tenor David Guzmán, also making his company debut, is fiery and insistent, more than capable of holding up under the Mariachi orchestration.” Houston Chronicle

“Guzman unleashed an impressive tenor, singing with force and ease throughout his range, with ringing tone at full voice, thoughtful in quieter moments.” Houston Chronicle